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Celebrity Products

1 VISTA Trust

  • Trustee disengaged from the management of BVI BC -> “Prudent man of business rule” eliminated;
  • Director with decisive powers and no involvement from the shareholder;
  • Office of director rule;
  • Assets:
    • Shares of Operating Companies;
    • Speculative Portfolio;
    • Family Business;
    • Yacht, Aircraft, Hotel, etc.

2 Share Trust

  • Based on VISTA principles;
  • For Succession planning only, need arose due to conversion of bearer share -> registered share (probate procedures);
  • Confidentiality ensured; 
  • Flexibility - call Option in favor of the settlor; 
  • Cost and time efficient.

3 Private Trust Company

  • Alternative to the VISTA trust;
  • High degree of control over trust assets – Settlor usually director of PTC;
  • No requirement for:
    • license;
    • capitalization;
    • local presence.

4 Foreign Grantor Trust

  • Non-US settlor with US beneficiaries (a common scenario);
  • No income tax for the US Beneficiary during the Grantor’s lifetime;
  • No estate tax;
  • Proper planning to be done upon death of the Grantor.

5 Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds
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