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A BVI BC must have a registered office and a registered agent within the BVI.
The standard authorized capital of a BVI company is 50,000 shares with or without par value, one share of which must be issued. The share capital may be expressed in any currency.

Although Bearer Shares are not prohibited, they must be held by a licensed custodian together with a written indication as to the actual identity and address of the beneficial owner of the shares. A minimum of one shareholder is required and corporate shareholders are allowed.

A company may have one or more individual or corporate directors of any nationality. No statutory meetings need to be held whatsoever, and board meetings may take place anywhere in the world. It is, however, recommended that local directors be elected to ensure that the effective place of management is in the BVI and that the company acts in compliance with BVI legislation and local regulations.

There is no requirement to enter the names of directors and shareholders in a public registry. A Register of Directors must, however, be maintained at the registered office of the Company together with a Register of Shareholders and a Register of Charges.

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