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The BVI Share Trust

The Share Trust has been designed to provide individuals holding shares of BVI companies with a simple succession planning tool, whilst ensuring that they retain control over the company and receive the economic benefits of share ownership.

The key benefits provided to Settlors and their families are the following:

  • Avoidance of the need to provide probate in the BVI courts on the death of the Settlor;
  • Automatic succession to the office of director in the event of the death or earlier incapacity of the Settlor;
  • Retention of control of the operation of the company during the Settlor’s lifetime through the retention by the Settlor of the office of director as well as maintenance of shareholder voting and income rights during the Settlor’s lifetime;
  • It is freely reversible at any time prior to the Settlor’s death or earlier incapacity – the Settlor has a right to take back legal ownership of the shares from the Trustee.
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